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      Providing the best solution of water and waste water treatment system by using high quality products is our purpose as we meet the  challenges of changing lives for the better through clean water.


     Our goal is to be your business partner, listening to your requirement and implementing solutions to meet them.


     Our business -


System Engineering Design

     Aekar offers engineering design of Water Treatment & Reverse Osmosis System for residential, commercial and industrial.



       Aekar installation team is well trained by Thai Engineers who are providing products knowledges and engineering skills from Phol Dhanya Public Co., Ltd. and Max Water Group of Companies, Thailand.


Contract Maintenance

      Aekar offers monthly, quartley, and annual system / plant inspections with complete logging of critical operating parameters, all provided in a clear and concise report.


Membrane Cleaning Services

     Aekar inspect  the performance of each Membrane before and after membrane cleaning services.


Chemical Cleaning Services

    Aekar offers a safe, timely and effective method of cleaning fouled or contaminated ion exchange resins is available to you. Our regenerate services could able to provide the maximum degree of cleaning and performance restoration with a minimum of involvement from your operating personnel.


Replacement Filters and Chemical Delivery

     Aekar offers regularly scheduled deliveries of high quality, replacement filters and chemicals for residential, commerical and industrial.





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